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About Company

Ambrozi Real Estate - "Property. As amazing as You".

We are actively working in the field of real estate since 2012.

Our clients are people from different countries: Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, France, Finland, England, America and others. For all the time of our activity, we professionally served our clients, provided them with clear and specific information, successfully carried out complex transactions of real estate purchase and sale. Positive feedback from customers proves our professionalism, a serious approach to the business and give us the incentive to work in the same direction.

Company name

The name of the company came from the name of its founder, Anatoli Ambrozi.

What have been done? 

From 2012 year we sold and rented property more than 3 mln euros. In the next few years strive to realize our potential, working in the segment of new property. Also we plan to strengthen our position in the Estonian market, opening new offices in different cities, while doing our favorite work.


Our mission is through the sale and letting of real estate to improve the quality of life of another people.




Anatoli Ambrozi                                          Tatjana Ambrozi                                               Mihhail Stšelin

Founder. Real-estate agent                      Real-estate agent                                          Head of construction

Harjumaa country & Ida-Virumaa country Ida-Virumaa country                                   Harjumaa country & Ida-Virumaa country



Leonid Ambrozi                                               Jelena Solovjova                                            Irina Burtovaja

Manager assistent                                          Parnter / real-estate agent                           Partner / real-esate agent

Harjumaa country & Ida-Virumaa country  Ida-Virumaa country                                      Harjumaa country






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Ambrozi - "Property. As amazing as You".
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